Mission: Make health and happiness surround you

With the aim to have continuous innovation of product development, Rastar Group tries its best to offer the entertainment products of toys, games, sports and film and television with great originality and excellent technology. In the meanwhile, these products have been integrated with the healthy, optimistic and positive experience. Rastar Group brings the happiness to millions and millions families to make health and happiness everywhere.

Vision: Become a global leading entertainment group

The entertainment industry in China has been updated quickly, the demand of entertainment consumption is strong and the mobile Internet has been widely applied. The new technologies and trends are emerging in an endless stream like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), big data and industry 4.0. The huge population of middle-class family will bring the largest growth in the global middle-class consumption market and the entertainment consumption will be the most important part. Rastar's vision is to satisfy people's pursuit to the healthy and happy life to make the health and happiness surround you via our effort.

Operation principle: Dedication, Teamwork, Innovation

Dedication: be realistic, modest, persistent;
Teamwork: be cooperative, hardworking, learn from each other;
Innovation: be innovative on ideas, management, technology and service.

Development principle: Taking by surprise while keeping on the right path

Rastar Group goes with this development principle, taking by surprise while keeping on the right path, which is always implemented. To develop the company keeping in view the long-term interest, with the aim of building long-established business, remember the hard time to set up a business, take the social corporate responsibility and hard work and plain living, it is what we called keeping firm on the right path. At the same time, the company should keep energy, take risks to innovate and move with the times, with action of surprise to realize taking by surprise in the commercial observation and strategy orientation.The combination of these two is our operation philosophy which is known as taking by surprise while keeping on the right path. Keeping on the right path is the prerequisite and foundation, and taking by surprise is development and sublimation.


Like the start shining in the sky, we gather together to achieve the common goal. To connect the individual development and company development firmly, the employees in Rastar can achieve the personal value and gain the study chance when realizing the corporate value. The strong collectivism of Rastar is from the peaceful and friendly working environment as well as the strict and down-to-earth working attitude.

Basic value: Love and perseverance

Career value: Respect the work, working with peace and contentment
Customer value: Innovation, win-win

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